Beyond the Horizon

Heightened threats from distant enemies make long distance flights more relevant than ever. In the IAF, a great deal of time and effort are invested in the long range theatre, by means of intelligence, preparation and of course, long distance training

Blue V Blue

It pumps up the adrenalin in the cockpit, develops creativity and pushes the aircrews to the edge of their abilities. After many years of absence, the two-sided training method has returned to the IAF’s fighter squadron’s program

Always In Control

From routine security measures to the most courageous operations during wars and operations, control station commanders are a central part of the IAF’s chain of command. What does it take to become a good controller? And how is the IDF’s busiest branch controlled?

Not Lost in Translation

The IAF's tactical transport aircraft were the first foreign aircraft to take part in the "Southern Strike" training exercise which took place in Mississippi, U.S. For two weeks, the "Hercules C-130" "Karnaf" (Hebrew for rhinoceros) and the "Super Hercules C-130J" "Shimshon" (Hebrew for Samson) trained for joint missions and close cooperation with the U.S Special Forces and brought the cooperation between the two to a new level

The Long Leg

30 Years have passed since Operation "Wooden Leg" in which the IAF attacked the PLO terror organization Headquarters in Tunis, over 2,000 Kilometers from Israel. It was the farthest operation that the "Long Arm" of the IDF executed and it carried a clear and important message aimed at terror organizations. The two attacking squadron commanders still remember every detail – small and large

Flying Alone

A pilot that flies a single-seated fighter jet is faced with many challenges: from the moment he receives the mission and the takeoff, through the execution of the mission itself and to the landing, he faces all of these challenges and hardships alone. He knows that the success of the mission rests solely on his shoulders. A few of these pilots try to explain what qualities are needed in order to become a single-seat pilot

The New Black

Since the IAF's establishment in 1948, many different airplanes have flown Israel's skies, but few have left a mark in history like the "Black Spit" of the late Ezer Weizman, former Israeli President and IAF commander. Recently, the airplane was remodeled and is ready for take off

More Than Protection

The helmet that rests on the heads of the aircrew members does much more than protect their heads. Developments in the field has allowed for pilots to receive information without lifting a finger and to launch missiles towards enemy aircraft just by looking in their direction

Sitting in Nevada, Bombing in Afghanistan

Hollywood production brings up thought provoking questions about the ethics of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) strikes that over the years have become a central part of the modern battlefield. It turns out that the operation of these unique aircraft brings operational advantages alongside weighty ethical dilemmas

Unlike any other

There isn’t another one like it in the world. The Bell-Boeing V-22 "Osprey" has been the source of much curiosity since it entered service in the U.S military and it still isn't clear if the tilt-rotor has more positives or negatives. Last month, two IAF pilots arrived at the U.S. to try the new aircraft themselves and try to answer these questions

Top of the Olympus

IAF helicopters and Unit 669 fighters met their Greek counterparts in an exercise that took place in Greece. It was a good chance to exchange ideas, methods and thoughts

The wings of terror

Many terror organizations's dream is to successfully hijack an aircraft and once, long before September 11th, these attempts were almost routine. 33 years ago, an El-Al plane was first hijacked, and terror organizations haven't ceased to attempt similar attacks since

The A-4 Skyhawk era with the IAF is coming to an end. The planes that attacked, plummeted and bred generations of combat pilots and navigators, will step down after more than four decades in service. Which instructional plane will replace it? The IAF set out to decide and narrowed down the choices to likely candidates. All the details in the article ahead

Artistry in the Sky

The people gathered in the crowd did not allow themselves to miss them and they did not allow themselves to miss a millimeter. Three pilots of the Air Force's Aviation Acrobatics team share experiences from their new plane and discuss how many new maneuvers might appear at the next wings ceremony

Conquering Fear

People don't normally associate the fear of heights with pilots and their flight crews, but what do those who find themselves in the cockpit suffering from a fear of heights do?